Best Animation Film by a Children Studio

Best Animation Film by a Children Studio


2018, 2′, Croatia

Foto kino video klub Zaprešić

A tenderly winter story about a little rabbit and white snowman.

About us

2018, 8′, Brasil

Director: Analucia Godoi

Animation made from reflections of 20 children and adolescents between 9 and 12 years old. The narrators tell what they think about themselves in the present and in the future.

Vitreous marina

2018, 2′, Poland

Director: Jolanta SIerpińska

Peaceful seaside village is changing into a resort with skyscrapers, nature defends itself against civilization, destroys the resort and gives a chance to revive a picturesque place.

Ruddy the Scarecraw

2018, 5′, Slovakia

BIBIANA, Medzinárodný dom umenia pre deti

Story about a scarecraw who was afraid to scare.

A Story About How Our Little Giraffe Got Her Spots Back

2019, 4′, Canada

Director: Sofia Leyepa

Our baby Giraffe lost her beautiful spots, but she never lost her hope to find them back.


2019, 3′, Germany

Director: Lilith Jörg

On a concert stage you always can join great sounds and incredible musicians. But sometimes the sounds next to the stage are turning into the focus of attention.

Zizanie in Аmazonia

2019, 2′, France

Director: Christèle Guérin

At the beginning of the 20th century, an explorer goes to the heart of the Amazon. This passionate flower will make an extraordinary discovery.


2018, 4′, Estonia

Creative Space / Directors: Ulyana Veresenina, Mariya Veresenina

Mouse Hryundik goes in search of his friend Pierrot.

The ghost in shopping

2018, 2′, Croatia

Director: Iva Martinjak Petrovic

The ghost is a very unusual kind of shoppingholic.

Kuromatsunai Future Sketch

2019, 5′, Japan

Children from Kuromatsunai

Children of the town feel hopeful about the future. They imagined the future of the town with full of dream.

To wash or not to wash

2019, 3′, Ukraine


Animation on sinful orange, spartan warriors and meaningful anagram.

Olesia in Transcarpathia

2018, 3′, Ukraine

Director: Lidiia Malinowska

A trip of a girl Olesia from Kharkiv to Zakarpattia and her story about this beautiful region, its nature, people’s habits and their daily life.

Kitty and Rat

2018, 2′, Serbia

DIM animation studio, director: Yakov Popov

Rat teaches Kitty good manners but with time Kitty gets tired of her behavior.


2019, 5′, Ukraine

Studio “Childhood beyond the border”

The project “TANGRAM” was created to teach children with special needs and physical conditions of autism spectrum. This educational cartoon will be interesting for children of preschool and primary school age. This cartoon is about kindness, friendship and universe.

Gifts of the Sun

2018, 3′, Ukraine

Dnipro Region Children and Youth Cinema Center «Vesnianka»

A fairy-tale about the origin of Petrykivka painting.


2019, 3′, Ukraine

Studio «PhotoKrok»

A young ballerina rehearses a new dance but she is not satisfied with herself. Her dance does not work out properly. Unhappy, she passes the zoo and decides to go in. Her attention is drawn to pink flamingoes. Their movements mesmerize ballerina and inspire to create a new dance, which brings her success.

As a turtle did not want to wear its shell

2019, 5′, Ukraine

Children’s and Youth Video Studio «Berezil»

A fairy-tale about children’s love for their family…


2018, 4′, Ukraine

Children’s studio of TV presenters “VESELKA TV”

Each of us has faced the problem of choice. What do you do if you have to abandon your biggest dream that you have been going for in order to do a good deed?!

How to remember the colors of the rainbow?

2019, 2′, Ukraine

Red Mouse Animation Studio

Everyone has seen the rainbow but how do you remember the color succession?

Legends of the starry sky

2019, 7′, Ukraine

Studio «Animayliki»

Adventures of a pre-historic boy who saw the legends of starry sky either in a dream or in reality. 

Touch the sky

2019, 2′, Ukraine

Workshop of cartoons «Dreams of Elephant Lucy»

Animation film based on Transcarpathian ancient legend about a great love between Hoverla and Prut. They fell in love but Hoverla’s father, Mountain King, decided to separate them using evil spells.

The stories that were told

2018, 12′, Portugal

EB da Ermida School

The students met local people and organizations of S. Mamede de Infesta and listen the stories of those who live and who lived in the community around their school. Here are some of those stories!

I've Lost My Dad

2018, 7′, Belgium


Picopatate and his dad are visiting the planet Earth! Unfortunately, the small extraterrestrial loses his dad. He leaves to his search.

The Color of the Stars

2019, 14′, Germany

Director: Paul Uhlig

Four little aliens are confronted with the invasion of a robot army, trying to steal a the color in the universe. They narrowly escape the attack on their home planet, but the real adventure hasn’t even begun.

My yard

018, 2′, Ukraine

Children animation laboratory Metamorphoses of my yard in ArtHub Samokat

A yard is a place for games and fun childhood, as well as a space for imagination. What our yard will look like in a hundred years? Young cartoonists fantasized, got creative and created incredible space of future. 


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