Winners of XII DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival

Winners of XII DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival

The Best Fiction Film by a Children’s Studio


Director: Kei Hon Ming, Hong Kong

Marie, an ethnic minority just came to Hong Kong, couldn’t deal with her work in a restaurant because of language barrier, and is being excluded by coworker Keung. They eventually found a common ground from their opposite sides, and became friends as their relationship improved.

The Best Documentary by a Children’s Studio

Where aren’t we?

Author: Zofya Chuma, Nazar Dominchuk. Ukraine

Documentary history of citizen of typical village of magic Zakarpattia. Main problem that can be decided or stalemate.

The Best Television Program by a Children’s Studio

Vinnytsia Children’s Investigation Agency

Children’s TV School «Televiziya», Ukraine

The program aims at encouraging children and adolescents to participate in public life of the city, involving them in the prospects of the local community development, demonstrating the tools of public control.

The Best Animation Film by a Children’s Studio

The Shining Dream

Director: Ruslana Yakovenko, United States

A story about how a little light bulb from fairy lights wanted to become one of those shining spots in the sky that they saw every night. But is it going to be that easy?

The Best Social Advertisement by a Children’s Studio

5 ppm

TV Studio “Our World”, Ukraine

Alcohol displaces everything from your life… All the most important and significant things.

The Best Radio Programme by a Children’s Studio

A State in a Smartphone: A Myth or a Step Towards the Future?

TV and Radio Studio “Zmina”, Ukraine

Today both young people and the older generation are talking about it, arguing about it and expressing their own attitude. The mobile app Action opens up new opportunities and makes modern life better. Teenagers, the guests of the radio show, are convinced of this.

The Best Television Programme for Children

3 Days without parents and 3C Products

Director: Chen Guan-yu, Taiwan

What would your three days without parents and 3C products be like? Three kids that are addicted to 3C products to various extents are staying at a B&B in Yi-lan for three days. They have to feed themselves and make schedules on their own. However, by the end of Day 1, all their 3C products are confiscated, including TV sets, video games and their smart phones.

The Best Series for Children

Pat the dog (season 2)

Director: Daniel Klein, France

Pat The Dog tells the daily adventures of an ordinary little dog Pat and his owner Lola. Pat would do anything to save Lola’s day, overcoming the insurmountable thanks to his improvised plans and canine genius.

The Best Feature Film for Children


Director: Aleksandr Galibin, Russian Federation

As far back as Yamil can remember, the war was always. But Yamil is waiting for its end, because then his Father, known to the boy only through photos and letters, will be back home. One day his Mother goes to a distant city and brings a silent girl Oksana. Mother also brings his Father’s order to take care of Oksana as if she were his sister…

The Best Short Film for Children


Director: Keith Gomes, India

Living in a garbage world, a lonely 5 year old ragpicker, dreams of owning a pair of shoes, but when love happens, he must make a choice.

The Best Animation Film for Children


Director: Takeshi Yashiro, Japan

When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day.


The wall between us

Director: Norbert Lechner, Germany

1986. At a youth meeting between East and West ANNA (17) meets PHILLIP. It is “love at first sight”. But the love is overshadowed by a bitter reality: will they be able to carry on a relationship from opposite sides of the wall?

We are Local Self-Government!

Special award


Studio «Rozhevi Okulyary», Ukraine

Among many problems that can be solved by creating self-governing organizations, children have chosen the environmental one. The main goal is to carry out eco-educational work and install boxes for collecting batteries in all schools in the region.

Ecology of Wildlife: conservation and preservation

What Is Important for Everyone to Know About the Ecosituation?

Studio “Rozhevi Okulyary”, Ukraine

Everything about plastic, garbage sorting, eco-initiatives of our city. An eco-educational program for children and adults.

Our peaceful sky

In Love With the Sky

Children’s TV Studio “Obovsemka”,  Ukraine

Chuguiv is a city of aviation glory. The past and present of real heroes in love with the sky.

Сontest of video bloggers «DYTIATKO.Like»

Milena Hudylko

«Milena on Sock Eaters», Ukraine

This is Milena Hudylko’s first work as an independent video blogger. She shares a secret where one pair of socks always disappears. The Czech writer Pavel Šrut revealed this secret to her in his book “Sock Eaters”.

Special Jury Prize

Warm star

Director: Anna Kuzina, Russian Federation

A bird that keeps order in the sky accidentally drops a star during cleaning. And on the earth, children find her.


Director: Anne Scheschonk, Germany

At the age of 12 Maya lost all of her hair. The diagnosis: Alopecia areata. Sheasks herself: How do others perceive me? Am I beautiful? Almost like a way to provide the answers, Maya takes lots of selfies.

Together WE are powerful!

Special prize

From a Distance

Catcorns & Co. Media, Ukraine

When everyone stays at home, life seems to stand still. But in fact that is when the test of your character, personality, and relationships begins. Will their fragile teenage friendship pass it?

Best Director

Norbert Lechner

The film “The wall between us”, Germany

Best cinematographer

Umut Can Sevindik

The film “Hello Africa”, Turkey

Best Actor(ess)

Marta Timofeeva

The film “MY LITTLE SISTER”, Russian Federation

Best TV host(ess)

Studio BigBlog

Program “Electric Cars”, Latvia

Best TV journalist

Anastasia Shcherbakova, Albina Przewalska

The Program “I Want … to Have a Flower Shop, Too”, Ukraine

The Prize for creative approach and originality of creative task performance

Children's studio "1 + 2"


Maria Pechenizka-Tkachova



Nomination «Movie»


Talent studio TOP STARS, Ukraine

Nomination «TV Program»

project "Small doors to the big world"

Creative TV studio, Ukraine

Кубок президента



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